Hey ho! I am enjoying a lovely weekend in New Mexico. I haven’t had time to read/write blogs.  So, here’s an entry I’ve been meaning to post for some time.  


Patients sometimes ask me what is the point of living.  What they are asking really is what is The Meaning of Life. Does Life have meaning?   I will share what I tell them.  It is apropos for today is Carl Jung’s birthday.


“The Meaning of Life” – as seen by Urs Truly. 


We start in our infancy with the capacity to experience Joy in everything we experience, down to the simple things like sunshine or colour. Alas, this sense of wonder about Life dissipates as we grow; the awareness of Death begins to infiltrate Life and slowly erode our joy and idealism. We see injustice, pain, and death everywhere; we lose faith in ourselves and Man.  Life feels meaningless.

Choice-less, we are given the choice: make meaning or go without.  We become bitter or better.

The most terrifying and sad fact about Life, the Universe and Everything is not that they are hostile ,but that they are indifferent. There is no ’42’.

If we can come to terms with these two truths and accept the challenges of Life, then our existence – as a person, tribe, or species – can have fulfillment with genuine meaning. With  strength, courage, and consciousness we can arise from the ashes into a rebirth of Life’s thumos.

For those fortunate ones who manage somehow to cope with mortality then Life is worth living.  Paradoxically the meaningless of Life forces us to create our own meaning.

You can’t regain the purity of wonder you had in your youth, but you can create something far more deep and enduring.

In the universe of silence we have to create our own Music.