nri0115I recently read an article on the salubrious benefits of cold showers. Urs Truly is rather sensitive to cold; I am used to hot showers. Translating over to cold ones would be a challenge indeed. Rather than going from one extreme to the other (and risking a stroke) I figured acclimation was the answer. My problem is trying to find some cold water. The water heater is located in the garage. Nowadays the lows are in the upper-80s. “Cold water” is approximately the temperature of a glass you send ask the waitress to please put in some ice.  Well, it’s a start. By winter I hope to get more butch.  So far I haven’t seen many benefits although my skin is less dry and flaky.

I like showers and bathing in general. After all, I am a Cancer, a water sign. The ablution of cleansing is a lovely one that goes behind the prosaic of removing the day’s grime.
My shower is rather lovely. It is a walk-in shower with dark green tile and silver faucets. It is sans tubside so there is no need to step over something. Nor does it have a nasty curtain that billows like Ms. Monroe’s skirt as you try to adjust the water to find this oh-so-elusive virtuous cold water. The shower wall, which is the size of a large door, is made of glass brick.  Its only drawback is over-zealous scrubbing causes water to splash out on to the bathroom floor. Nevertheless the shower is quite capacious and I invite as many Spo-fans to town and experience one with me.

In contrast to the chic shower are my cleansing materials. Prudence is my middle name; I bring home the leftover soap cakes and shampoo bottles from hotel trips and I use them rather than buying proper bottles.  I also have a small yellow plastic scrub brush. The hispid hexagonal brush is used for scrubbing the scalp or anything else that wants scratching.

“Joy to itch in a minute” is what I always say.

By the way, this is a good as time as any to say I do not sing in the shower – I think rather. As a younger man I thought along the line “This is one of the world’s most beautiful bodies”. Nowadays my thoughts are more  “You know I should put a plastic mat down in here before I trip”.