This is a quick one for I am dictating charts……….

I got a compliment today at the gym. I was at the sink area in the locker room. A fellow was across from me packing up his gym bag. I washed my hands only to realize the paper towel dispenser was empty. I looked across the room; the dispenser at the other end of the row of sinks was empty too. The man shook his head with  schadenfreude. I said to him  “Well, if we are out of paper towel, I guess that’s a sign men are washing their hands”. He nodded. I took my sweat towel off my right shoulder, and explained not to be worrying for  I am the proverbial Boy Scout and this will do.

Just as I was drying my hands another man came into the washroom area. When his attempt to extract paper towels from the dispenser failed, he explained out loud in anger “What a fucked up shitty gym!” and went across the room to the other dispenser, where he again cursed for the lack of paper. He  stormed away.

My sink fellow, who had witnessed this dudgeon, turned to me and said “You know mister, you have a good attitude in life.”

I would like to say he transformed into my fairy godmother and gave a reward of twenty dollars (or better yet, a buss) but there wasn’t anything like that. There is nothing more. But I did have the quiet satisfaction I had taken the positive approach, and in the eye of my peer I was seen as a gentleman.

And I wasn’t truculent jerk like Mr. Potty-mouth.  🙂