I have a bricolage of cookie cutters. Most of them are holiday-oriented viz. a set for Christmas and another set for Hallowe’en. I don’t bake cookies otherwise; I don’t actively collect cookie cutters. Nevertheless since moving to AZ in 2005 I’ve slowly obtained several in the “Southwest” style. Last week while visiting Santa Fe I purchased this brown bison(new) and a green cactus (which, as you can see, I forgot I already possessed).

I haven’t found any cookie cutters of a scorpion but I am looking.

Since there is no ‘Southwest holiday” apropos for making gingerbread, I thought I would make a batch of sugar cookies to bring to work for the office personnel to eat. This gives me the pleasure of playing with my cutters, getting a few warm-fuzzy praises from the staff, and keeping me at a distance from eating them myself.

Once again I am disappointed in my cookbooks. You would think I could find a simple sugar cookie recipe in my collection, particularly in the ‘Churchwomen’s basement” style cookbooks. You know the type: spiral bound typewritten recipes interspersed with Bible quotes and the ubiquitous “How to Preserve a Husband” recipe (blech). After a few attempts of skimming them, I broke down, went online, goggle-searched “Best cookie cutter cookie recipes” and found one as quick as a quarter note.**

Someone is at the theatre today all day long. I plan on making some cookies.

If the mood strikes me I may make one or two ‘easy dinner recipes’ I discovered in my “TV recipe card” box.  Nanette Fabray you are my goddess of culinary delights! nfabray