8It’s around midnight local time in London, Ontario. I’m wide awake. Alas, my brain thinks it is 8PM; it refuses to shut down. A sense of excitement is another factor keeping me awake. I hoped the (local) beer I had with my dinner would act as a hypnotic but no such luck.

On the positive, I get to write this entry. It doesn’t help with sleep but it makes staying up more interesting. **

Tomorrow we drive to Niagara-on-the-lake where we have the usual activities of sampling the local wines and seeing a couple of shows. There is a splendid Irish pub in NOTL with several lovely whiskies, but this works swifter than any sword at putting me asleep in the deep. So: no pre-theater nips! I am determined to stay awake at the theater, even it means drinking espresso. It is dreadfully disappointing to anticipate a yearly event only to nod off as soon as it starts.

That is about all the news other than our flight was OK and we listened to several interesting podcast lectures on the way to our hotel. Ironically one was on the latest treatments of insomnia. There is a new sleeping pill on the market, based on oxerin receptor antagonism. I suspect there will be several phones messages from the insomniacs when I get back to work, wanting or demanding to try it. Sleep is a funny thing. In general we deprive ourselves of sufficient sleep yet we become obsessed about getting enough of it.

I will be content with seven hours of sleep and a snooze prior to the 2PM  “kick-off”. Pass the caffeine pills, prop me up in Aisle F, and please poke me in the ribs if I start to nod off.

** Someone is already asleep and orbiting the moons of Jupiter. Lucky man! He can fall away anywhere. He’s usually out in ten minutes.