For those interested in knowing ……….

We had a delightful weekend in Niagara-on-the-lake, where we took in several shows and had a couple of great meals. There’s been little time else.  I did have a moment to pop into the Christmas store and purchase this charming little ornament:


I have moved from ‘merely curious’ to ‘acolyte’ for I have my first Dr. Who item !

We drove to Toronto to meet with Ron T. of “Retired in Delaware” and his chum Pat (our local host). Ever since our arrival Ron has continually taken photographs. I defer you to his blog for all the visuals. We are stepping out this evening to go to a fair, complete with rides. This will be my first amusement park-ride in forty years. I hope they have a tilt-o-whirl, which was my favorite ride once upon a time. I wonder if it will feel as exciting as I remember it. I will either find it boring/disappointing or it will make me ill. Growing up and growing old is sometimes like that.

It should be amusing to walk around a fairgrounds. This is not what I normally envision doing when I come to Toronto. I think this makes it rather special, doing something this off-beat. Afterwards Someone and I will go for a more traditional item: a beer on Church St. Tomorrow we pick up Laurent and William for a ride to Stratford.

Ah, the gaiety!