My life has a lot of regularity; I do a lot of the same things at their appropriate times of the calendar. This provides not only rhythm but a means to mark The Procession of Time. This entry is an example of this clockwork. Every year on my annual August holiday to Stratford there comes a point Someone goes off to a theatre-talk programme leaving me at the motel to ponder Life’s mysteries. If you read my entries dated at this time of year you will find similar entries; I dare say they relate the same ideas.

The scenario is always the same as well: I am lakeside at The Forest Motel. I am watching the swans. I drink something hot. This year it’s overcast for we had a large rainstorm last night. It’s pleasantly cool, in the mid-60s. On the downside, it is humid. Worse – mosquitos disrupt my attempts to become one with the cosmos.

Being in the same place at the same time (more or less) makes me think about Time. I have a mild satisfaction I made it another year to experience this constancy. I do this trip at the end of August; there is a nip of cool in the air. I see some red/brown in the sugar maples to suggest autumn is close at hand. It all says to me the year is ending. What will the next year behold? How much do I covet ‘more of the came’?

Given time, energy, and financial constraints I feel I have a choice to follow my patterns of set holidays OR forgo something in favor of something new and adventuresome. Last night we had a marvelous dinner with William and Laurent, who told us marvelous tales of their many travels. It made me long to see Ireland or Greece or Spain or anywhere other than the usual places. This is in counterpoint to our planning our annual November trek to Palm Springs i.e. another usual and regular holiday in lieu of someplace novel.

The desire for novelty vs. the need for constancy is long time balancing act for me. As I age I feel Time running out. If I am to accomplish my bucket list I need to be more proactive towards change.