It was a lovely week away; my annual trek to Canada was all I hoped it would be: food and good cheer with chums (thanks, William Laurent,Ron, and Patrick!!), great theatre, a happy family reunion, and some shopping. Here’s a photo of future shirts:


Now it’s back to the salt mines……

No, it’s not that bad! hohoho. It’s merely a matter of having no more trips or holidays for the rest of the year.** I suspect we have a lot of bills and repairs to attend. I want to be serious on losing some abdominal adiposity, so not eating out will save us money as well as calories. Life is to be rather austere for the rest of the year.

The late August trip to Canada marks me for the end of summer. I have a sense of the year ending. I need to take inventory as to how well I am doing my resolutions and if I have checked anything off on the bucket list. If this last week I’ve ate well and tasted good food. I want to make some soup and prepare some proper (albeit low-cal) meals. I’ve got books to read and exercises to do. Perhaps it is good we aren’t traveling for there is work to be done, indeed. Pretty soon the opera/symphony/ballet seasons all begin as well.

Well that’s all there is. I hope this week the Muses send me something fabulous on which to blog. Rumor has it Someone plans to post, so Keep Calm and Carry On.


**In October we hope to host Cubby and Nate, and there is a tentative excursion to Palm Spring in November if DougT and Leon AKA The Wild One solidify their plans, AND I lure Fearsome Beard and spouse to come a-visiting. So we won’t be completely asocial.