Someone’s doctor told him he must eat more sensibly and mind his health. Rather than poo-pooing the physician’s advice Someone is doing a fine job at laying off the verbotens, although he doesn’t seem too happy for his effort. I’m proud of him for taking his health more  seriously and for getting back to regular exercise. Harper is also pleased as punch for he is coming on our morning walks. Urs Truly is benefitting as well; my eating and exercise are improving what with a partner willing to go along with it all.

In my/our zeal to improve our health and trim our waistlines I hope to see an improvement in my stamina. This means doing my nemesis the calisthenics. I’ve never been good at them. I get quickly tired jumping around. I’ve had vast improvements in dead weights and the elliptical but I still become too easily short-winded doing the simplest things like jumping jacks or rapid pushups.

The personal trainer is making me do some very unpleasant maneuvers.

A particularly irksome exercise is the burpee. It entails dropping down into a crouching position and kicking your legs back to do a push up and back up you go. Alas, I am as graceful and as quick as a Thanksgiving parade float. I do them at a much slower rate than in the instructional videos. “how do you make things go faster?” I want to ask the staff at LA Fitness.




I suppose I could improve my endurance by joining an aerobic class. Alas, my vanity gets in the way. The aerobic classes are quite packed and nearly all female. I would be most unwelcome, not only for my male sex but for my clumsiness.**

All the same I am determined to improve myself. I’d like to experience mobility and speed without dyspnea.


** Think of Barbara S. in “Funny Girl” in the roller-skate scene.