Last week a powerful storm with gusts of 70mph did a lot of damage, but it’s an ill wind that blows nobody good. It blew out the long summer heat and brought in the delightful temperatures of October.

Spo-fans know I am crackers for Hallowe’en; I am already searching for fabulous recipes for the annual Hallowe’en dinner. This year All Hallow’s Eve falls on a Friday. The Lovely Neighbor is in town this year to assure our block party is a fabulous one. I celebrate whole month, often putting out the ghosts and pumpkin decorations as early at October 10th.

This year I fancy putting together some sort of costume, although it shouldn’t be too outrageous for work or the block party.**  I suspect I will go with the usual Viking horns, for when else flit around town adorned so foolishly?

I want this year’s candy to be good, not just the usual bricolage bought at Costco.  The “A” candy will be some sort of extraordinary chocolate or gummy bear. No rubbish indeed!  Well, I have a whole month to dream and plan. Someone isn’t keen on Hallowe’en so I’ve learned to take charge and (if he isn’t showing interest) go ahead with what I want to do.

I’ve got to be prudent in one area: do not buy candy too ahead of time for we all know what happens. The candy mysteriously disappears and I can’t blame the key gnomes or cup fairies or halloween spooks.  Holidays have more than the usual amount of food and drink; I need to be watchful too about excessive halloween cooking. Making pumpkin-based baked items and bringing them to work is of no use for I end up eating things myself as everyone else is on a diet.

All the same, I want to make hallowe’en cookies, trail mix, and this cake:


If any one has a fabulous and festive Hallowe’en recipe please pass it along. 


** Imagine a new patient coming in for a long awaited appointment only to see Urs Truly dressed as Glinda the Good Witch.