October 23 is the Phoenix annual AIDS walk.  As a medical man I try to participate in medical fundraisers walks, but the AIDS awl remains my favorite.

Thanks to walks like this one, there has been a great amount of treatment advancements; AIDS is no longer the death-knell it was back in the 80s. Alas, it is no where near over. I will continue to walk until ‘there is a cure’. I will walk this year and every year until it’s over or I am over, whichever happens first.


In 2013 Harper joined us on the walk. She had her own site for fundraising – and the bitch took in so much money she won 2nd place!



She’s eager to take the crown this year, so Someone and I are putting all our pledges into one basket – hers.

If you are interested in sponsoring Harper, please click on her photo  in the upper left widget and pledge what you can. I will bless you, Harper will bless you and you will do a lot of good.

This year Harper’s cortege consists of these fine fellows, who are coming in for that weekend. We are pleased as punch to have them.



To entice Spo-fans into putting out (and I love it when they do) I am donating this newly crafted shirt for the person who pledges the most. It is a L-XL batik of blues and purples with a bit of brown in the collar.  I am pleased it is one of my better-made shirts.  I am willing to make a new shirt if the highest bidder would rather have a ‘small’ or something from another pattern. Harper needs to win that first place tiara !