Walking the dogWalking the Dog is always a pleasant and popular type of entry……

It’s that time of year when the 530AM and post-prandiol supper walks are done in the dark. It will be this way for many months. The temperature in the morning is cool enough to wear a light sweatshirt; the strolls at gloaming remain in the 90s. Worse, the PM strolls have a lot of bugs. This is unusual. I suspect our recent rains have brought forth a hoard of nasty mosquitos. We come back with bites on our calves. They are small but they itch like billy-oh.

Someone is on a mission to lose weight and exercise regularly; he’s joined us for most of our walks. Harper is thrilled. When we leave the house, she literally pushes Someone down the sidewalk to get him going. Sometimes we talk; sometimes we listen to podcasts. Either way, Harper is pleased as punch to have him.

It’s the first weekend in October; we are already seeing some Hallowe’en decorations up and running. Someone is in the camp that wants Hallowe’en props and lights to go up no sooner than the 30th and down they go on November 1st. I’m for having the whole month of October a celebration of All Hallow’s Eve.**

Harper is fastidious that she poops in only certain spots. The city provides us with black plastic bags and drop-off sites. Until recently Someone was the only one who can open these damned bags.  I finally got the ‘trick’ of it. We always pick up after Harper. Not everyone in the neighborhood does likewise.


** Curiously we are reversed at Christmas. He likes some things up soon after Thanksgiving; I am OK with doing things maybe a week ahead of the arrival of St. Nick.  The tree goes down on Epiphany or prior to 1 January – depending on which one of us ‘wins’.