I am sheepish to confess I am uncertain if I voted. We vote via the post, for it gives us time to examine the candidates and proposals; it allows us to do research to make educated decisions. Also, it is very difficult for me to get to the voting places as I start work at 7AM.*   Truth be told, Someone does the research (for he has a good head for political analysis) and I follow what he says we should do. We’ve had the ballots for some time; Someone said we would vote last night before he goes to work today at the nearby election station.  I fell asleep; he was gone by 5AM –  and I don’t know if he filled out the ballots or not. There is no way to call him while he is manning the polls, which he will do until late this evening.  I hope he filled in mine and took it with him. I will find out this evening.

I don’t handle elections well; I get on tenterhooks as the results come in on the TV. If ‘the other side wins” I tend to go into a funk over the awful draconian what-ifs they will initiate on the alleged ‘will of the people’.  My experience is they win sometimes/we win sometimes and it all goes back and forth and nothing is permanent.  However, I don’t trust the system or that the elected to play fair.  I will probably avoid the news-lines for the next couple of days to avoid the braggadocio of the winners with their grandiose statements. Oh the pain.

Perhaps my gloom is influenced by malady. I am still feeling under the weather. The URI (upper respiratory illness) from earlier this month never quite goes away but comes back as soon as I try to exert myself.  What I should do is takes several days off, stay in bed, sleep and do little else.  It’s a lovely thought.

But I am at work and the first patients are arriving. I will have a very long day. At day’s end I have to pick up Harper from doggie-daycare; I will get home about 8PM and Someone will arrive soon afterwards. No doubt he will be filled with awful tales of bellicose voters and obstinate election co-workers. I may have to have a snort to endure it.  Hot toddies make colds and politics both more bearable.


* There is an element of avoidance as well. Our poll station is  manned by antediluvian republican widows who grumble about ‘ “Mexican ballots” meaning the ballots available in Spanish. I’ve sometimes wondered if these ancients try to thwart voters whom they deem ‘suspicious” meaning anyone who looks brown, gay, or who might vote Democrat. This is a paranoid thought but I sense it is not entirely zany.