5 November is Guy Fawkes Day, a rawther interesting event in British history. If you don’t know the story it’s worth a look-see. In summary: a bunch of religious zealots (Catholic, not Moslem) tried to blow up Parliament with King James attending. It was thwarted – with the consequence Catholics were even more persecuted than ever before (thanks Guy), and every 5 November the UK has bonfires and burns Mr. Fawkes in effigy.  Jolly good fun!

Setting fire to some public building or blowing up governments are both activities to be frowned upon, but secretly I’ve a fancy to do either. I suppose it is psychologically purging at the time of the” ka-boom”, but the aftermath doesn’t sound at all worth it.  I am not a violent fellow although my inner-child is attracted to destruction and lighting fires.

Arizona just elected a governor who sounds the love child of Pat Robertson and Mussolini. He needs watching as he is no doubt planning some outrage similar to Guy Fawkes.  Burning him in effigy is a bit premature. I suppose rather I can write letters of remonstration and chastisement when/if he starts the shenanigans.

My 5 November looks to have no explosions, burnings, or anything celebratory. I’ve a long work day which will end at Someone’s theatre where he volunteers. They are doing some sort of contemporary play full of shouters and self-centered characters. With any luck I will promptly fall asleep and it may require a keg of gunpowder to wake me.

Meanwhile, search your basement before starting your day for any suspicious characters, Catholics, Scotsmen bearing explosives, or vague but threatening Arizona politicians.