The Two-foots with the horned hats and bark too loudly say they would give me a nice treat if I wrote a blog entry. They explained the writer, The Other Dog, was boring them to death with British bits and a dog could do better.

The Friendbeast and The Other Dog have again gotten out the funny tree that doesn’t have any scent. I suspect they will hang things off its branches this weekend. Meanwhile the kennel is a mess and I can hardly find a place to lie down.

The Friendbeast continues to let The Other Dog out on his own most mornings so he may go for an all day long walk. This is not fair, but I still get the best spot on the elevated pack bed. The Other Dog and I sometimes fight over the prime spot next to The Friendbeast but I am pleased The Friendbeast hugs me not The Other Dog when he sleeps.

I love walks I love The Friendbeast but he is annoying me by putting little pellets down my throat. He holds my snout and breathes on my nose, which is dirty pool; I can’t throw up the pill that way.

The Other Dog claims I am always on the wrong side of every door, but this is not so. I merely worry he does not get enough exercise and I like attention so I make an effort to tap on the glass to go outside as often as I can to get him up and walking around as much as possible. Have I mentioned I like to lick The Other Dog’s face and neck to keep him well-groomed?  He has a nice taste. The Other Dog says he knows many two-foots who would enjoy doing the same, but this is my job. Keeping The Other Dog active and groomed is exhausting. “It’s a dog’s life” he likes to say whenever he sees me taking my necessary naps.

When the front door is open I watch for intruders. I take no chances; I bark at everyone passing by. I don’t want to be accused of falling asleep at the switch.

The Other Dog gets to stay home every five days for two days, when he thinks he can sleep in.  But a contract is a contract. I make sure he gets up at at 515AM to take him for our daily walk.
I hope you enjoyed this. I hope the horned-headed two foots keep their promise to put out a treat. The Other Dog says he just hates it when burly bearded  two-foots don’t put out.  He must be fond of meaty treats and bones too.