It’s been a hectic week, worthy of the Red Queen. I pause this Saturday night to beat on the drums and tell the tribesmen (and women) the news……


I snicker whenever I hear Linus tell Charlie Brown in the Christmas special he doesn’t know anyone other than Charlie B. who turns Christmas into a problem. I know legions. This includes myself; I don’t rest easy until my shopping is concluded. Happily this is almost so. The prizes and stocking stuffers are picked out and will soon be on  their way to Michigan (Land of Spos) for the “Christmas on the 20th”. Tomorrow when Someone is ushering “The Nutcracker” (a double header) I can run around town and attend to his list of wants. I always fret what I get him is going to be insufficient.

Spo-fans may be pleased to hear I am going to make the Christmas pudding. Spo-fans and FB friends (bless all of them) sent me a myriad of recipes. I found one not too ponderous and still possible in time for the 24th.*  Finding proper suet was hellacious. I would ask the grocers for suet only to get sardonic looks as if I had asked for yak. Many have never heard of such let alone stock it. Happily I found some in local butcher shop. The shredded fat looks like slightly bloody packing material. My choice of pudding can sit on the shelf until Christmas day. **

We still haven’t trimmed the tree. I am not worried about this so much as the Halloween bric-a-brac still sitting in the den, piled up and not put away properly. It is rather macabre to encounter Christmas in one room and Halloween in another. It feels like a department store.

Tomorrow I have to watch the pudding steam of nearly six hours so I will have plenty of time to read blogs, do paperwork, etc. I just hope we get the pumpkin things tided away in time for Christmas. I don’t want to confuse Santa or give him a heart attack. This year rather than milk and cookies I think I will put out some peanuts and a good snort of whisky.  Afterall, he is a grown up.




* I rejected the recipes written in metric and/or required four weeks advance preparation. One of them makes pudding in the microwave in – wait for it – fifteen minutes. This one seems to take all the fun out of it.

** Someone is dubious something sitting on a shelf, unrefrigerated, isn’t going to be hazardous. I am trying to assuage him many fine British folks consume such puddings every year and no one dies.