According to the almanac, the local December Solstice occurs on 21 December at approximately 4pm.  At that moment I take a deep breath in and say a nonspecific prayer of thanksgiving and hopes for the new year for all.

I’ve written about the day before; I am very fond of the winter solstice. I suppose my all-Northern-Hemisphere bloodline (going back to the Vikings) is integrated with the celebration of Yule. It is not a boisterous holiday. Rather, it is very quiet, like the dark winter’s night. I light candles. I sit still. I feel the earth spin around the Arch of Time.  Lovely.

In this spiritual introverted state I retreat into the inner department of my mind where I wonder at Life’s mysteries.  I feel connected to the past, not only my past but the past of countless generations.

I sleep well at this time of year. I get sleepy soon after dinner and I wish to retire quickly.  In my hibernaculum I wish to go to sleep until March – I really am “bear”. This is not depression; it is quite the opposite. It is the serene satisfaction of being right in the world. The earth has tilted away from the sun; it is a time for peace, sleep, and deep somniferous thoughts.

Happy Solstice. Happy Yule.