I should probably say something lovely and profound, this being Christmas, but some other old Queen beat me to it and did a more splendid job than I could. So I don’t have much to say tonight.

Christmas Evening is a quiet time; all the frenzied preparations are past and the festivities of the day are concluding. I’ve had lovely friends, food, and drink*. The christmas candles are brightly burning.  All is calm, all is bright. I spent the evening reading blogs “catching up” and wishing everyone Happy Holidays.

This morning (after the jentacular ritual of french toast, piggies and bloody marys) Someone and I exchanged prizes. I gave him some undergarments, a bow tie, and a couple of books. In return he gave me some (much needed) shirts and some toiletries.**  Afterwards we saw “Into the Woods” which we both enjoyed and recommend.

As is my wont on Christmas evening, I get a little sad with the deflation of  the day coming to its conclusion. To cheer me up I now look forward to my annual read of this year’s journal and contemplate how it all went. I might nag Someone to go out on NYE for once rather than staying home and falling asleep at 10PM as is the wont.

But that is next week. Tonight I get to sit still and be in the present, lost in thoughts of glorious Christmases long long ago.  I have the day off tomorrow; I will probably sleep a ‘profound sleep”.  These are (alas) rare slumbers of deep and peaceful rest knowing I don’t have to wake tomorrow to do anything really and there is nothing on my mind and all is right in my world.

Happy Holidays to Spo-fans near and far.


* Way too much of the middle one, I’m afraid.  Tomorrow Someone and I go on diets.

** Stinko ! I did not receive one thing from yesterday’s list of seven wants. I will work on this tomorrow.