Lurking in the back of the refrigerator is the leftover suet, waiting for me to decide whether to use or toss it. It would be compunctious of me to do the latter; I spent a lot of time and energy to obtain the thing. I fancied making homemade bird treats but concluded this was impractical.  My search for other British recipes using suet took me to something called a Bedfordshire Clanger.  Internet searches (mine anyway) are rather desultory; after the clanger I arrived at another UK dish with the most amusing name:  rumbledethumps.  My eyes widened. My face was suddenly lit with joy like the radiance of a brilliant sunrise. Spo-fans know I am ravenous for exciting and atypical words, especially if they have élan. I may never make one of these odd-ball things, but ’rumbledethumps” definitely goes into my ghost-bag of fun and fustian words.

To amuse, here are some lovelies. These are best said out loud (rather than read) and with facial expressions worthy of Harpo Marx.


Rumbledethumps  – Scottish dish made of cheese, cabbage and potatoes.

Collywobbles – a feeling of nervousness, especially expressed in the stomach.

Snuffbumble – nonsense

Gallimaufry – a confused medley or hodgepodge

Hugger-mugger – a confusion

Hornswoggle – to swindle or hoodwink

Ragnorok – a destructive event that ruins everything.

Snert – pea soup;  I use it to describe a mystery dish made from leftovers.

Nerdle – This doesn’t seem to have any definition to it, but I learned it in grade school. To suddenly ejaculate the word ala Tourette’s Disorder never ceases to make me smile.

And finally

Spo – Nice, precise, and jolly good fun. It means something lovely, genuine (no rubbish) and well over four feet.  🙂