The end of 2014 was bad. I started the day in a state of weal only to arrive at work to discover The Other Doctor would not be in today. Worse, there was dreadful news. This put me in a funk all day long. What an awful way to end the year. After work we were to go to the gym but we blew it off to go have a beer at a bar. We watched them setting up for new year’s eve.  Seeing their gas-burning fireplace made me realize ours has been kaputt for over a year. Rather than relaxing this revelation led to further ‘there’s work to be done’ house projects overdue and in desperate need of attention. This worsened the funk. Then we couldn’t agree on dinner. I didn’t want to eat stir-fry at home for the third time in a row and Someone didn’t want to eat out. We bought a oh-so-digusting extra-large pizza for pick-up. We took it home, ate it too quickly, and promptly went into a torpor. We both went to sleep by 9PM. I don’t remember if we even said Happy New Year to each other.

This is how Urs Truly entered the new year.

I have a great desire to get myself and the place improved. By 2016 I want several things repaired. This weekend I will settle on putting away last year’s Halloween decorations which are still piled up in the den. If I am not careful, the (still up) Christmas decorations will join them. My list of new year resolutions is up to thirty. I need to whittle them down to perhaps a dozen.

I will now put the kettle on, take a deep breath, and calm down. This morning I will dictate charts and then I will roll up my proverbial sleeves and get cracking on the Augean stables that is my mind and house. While the kettle boils, I will gather up the Christmas sweeties and bury them in the freezer. Then I remove “Streets of New York Pizza” from my speed-dial.