Writing between patient appointments isn’t ideal.  I am curious about the schedules of ‘real writers’. I wonder if they set apart an hour every day for composition (maybe after the kiddies are put to bed) or do they write “first thing in the morning” after the run but before going to their day job.  I write when I can. I scribble when a thought pops into me gulliver and I see Bog and his heavenly host or something like it.

Life is quiet and insouciant as measured by the main matter of the week: what white elephant item should we bring to this weekend’s party.  Every year about now some chums hold a ‘post-holiday depression’ party. The affair never falls flat. The highlight is an exchange of white elephant gifts.  Aye, there’s  the rub: what constitutes as white elephant item?  Picture it: a room of gay men* all looking at each other’s items not unlike women taking note at a wedding as to what the other ones are wearing.   Last year Someone and I made homemade napkins and put together a basket of imperial tid-bits for two. We thought it splendid but it went over like a lead balloon. In the steal & exchange part of the game (where you can swap what you just unwrapped for something else) no one fought over it.  This touches on Someone’s nervousness viz. ‘what will the neighbors think of us?”.  So, this year, there is a mild disagreement over what to bring.  I vote for the white elephant item I was stuck with at last month’s office party: a AM/FM radio and lantern just perfect for those camping trips where nobody has ipods.  Someone is all for going to the store this week to get something new and fabulous (and a bit costly).  You see the problem. It is sort of like being told to bring a ‘simple dish to pass’ and you show up with chips and some store-bought onion dip only to discover everybody else made homemade hors d’oeuvres worthy of Martha Stewart.

We have several bottle of Eiswein, which neither one of us drinks. This would be elegant but hardly the guffaw the audience wants while watching the recipient open his white elephant prize.  I have a hunch we will vacillate all week on the object.  Life’s full of tough choices, ain’t it?



* A group of bears is called as sleuth; a group of cats is a clowder.