Last week I realized I achieved something neither pursued nor coveted, but it was a milestone nevertheless. I signed my 2015 work contract, in which was incorporated the nickel-and-dime extras from 2014.  The new calculation is an total of a noteworthy number; it something I have never had before. Discretion forbids me from disclosing the amount. After all, gentlemen do not tell their age or incomes.**

The point of this post is not to boast but to reflect how Life is strange but true. In my youth I never had avarice, wanting to make a zillion dollars or achieve admiration through luxurious objects. My parents never once pressed onto ‘try to make as much money as you can’.  All the same, I fancied once in awhile having the income I now have. I think I made it a sort of bucket list item when I was ten years old. Then quite forgot about it until now. I pursued other things correlated with happiness. My definition of “rich” was food, good cheer, and ’having enough to live content’.  In the past ten years I feel I have achieved this. How many can say that?

It was a funny feeling to sign the contract. I felt a sense of irony – not of triumph – to get something I didn’t consciously pursue or even desire. This income achievement is almost an afterthought of the gods, a sort of “now that I learned the real lesson of life, you can have this too” prize.  It feels like a fairy tale in which the princess says she will the pauper for love and happiness only to learn in the promise of betrothal he is really a wealthy prince and she gets both true love AND the castle.

After work I Someone and I went out for Friday dinner and symphony as is the wont. I felt in the mood to celebrate. Rather than have the happy hour discount wine (also my wont) I chose instead the $12.95 whisky lemon cocktail. Money does not buy happiness, I know, but it does provide a few nice perks from time to time. 🙂



** I was going to write ‘or the length of their penises’ but I erased this for it seems this is no longer true. I am told on Grindr the dimensions of one’s John Thomas is given before one even tells one’s name. My how times have changed.