Video SnapshotIt’s 5AM on Saturday. I went to bed last night about 830AM, having gorged on super nachos and shrimp fajitas. By the time I arrived home I was feeling a bloated goat and I went right to sleep. I’ve turned into one of those superannuated somebodies they feed at 5PM and put to sleep by seven.

Someone volunteered to usher all day long at various pre-Super Bowl soirees. He leaves around eight and he comes home tonight after ten. This leaves me ‘home alone’ as it were. I am looking forward to it for I seldom have the house to myself.  Spo-fans with gutter thoughts may be imagining Urs Truly dancing around in his drawers channeling Risky Business thinking of lascivious and clandestine rendezvous.* Not to be worrying I lead a dull life. The day will be a quite quiet.

Speaking of quiet, the first thing to do is turn off the TV, for it is continuously on for Someone’s sake. Ah! Solitude! I want to get the weekend paperwork done right away. Then it is off to the gym for a very long work out – no need to rush home!  The afternoon sees the House of Spo transformed into a sweat shop. I have several shirts in the making; it’s time to get cracking. It’s hard for me to concentrate on my stitches with the TV blasting; the quiet will be most salutary to sewing.  Actually it won’t be that quiet. I will put on various music Someone doesn’t like**.

Harper is not used to Someone away and I at home. In her vexation she will want in and out a dozen times. Sometimes I think she does this out of spite. She’s learned tapping at the door drives me to distraction and I will let her in/out. She seems to be always on the wrong side of every door.

I plan to make something exciting and new for my supper, I haven’t yet figured what – something with artichoke hearts, for we have a few jars of the stuff and Someone doesn’t like them. Neither of us remembers how on earth they got into the pantry in the first place.  It is a food push.

By evening my knees will be aching from standing all day, cutting cloth. Time for a dog-walk and then a sit-down with a nice cup of tea and a good book. ***

If all goes well, Someone will come home about 10PM to find me already asleep and wondering what debauched doings went on that day.  He might notice the discarded artichoke jars and the hanging garments. Harper will be ecstatic to see him and be let out again.



* I suppose if Spo-fans happen to be in the area, I would make an exception; do drop by for line dancing and a cup of tea.

** Which is most of it.  We do not have the same tastes in music. He dares to mock The Goddess in all of my favorite forms : Enya, Loreena, Eartha, et. al.

*** “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”, by Robert Heinlein.