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I take no truck with meteorological marmots from Pennsylvania.  For predictions of spring’s arrival I go outside on 2 February to see if the scorpion has seen its shadow.  He didn’t – for I smashed him. This portends  no more winter. The Weather Channel says Phoenix will be sunny all week with highs in the upper 70s. Lovely.

My  February tarot card is the Two of Swords which is a troublesome card about doubt, tough decisions, or duplicity.  I need to monitor succumbing to worry – and watch who shuffles the deck.

2 February is the day in history when “Ulysses” was published.   And yes I said yes I will Yes.

It is also the birthday of Ayn Rand.  I have not read any of her books, but her philosophy sounds nasty viz. never help anyone with anything. If this simple summary is accurate it smacks the face of most major religions, which are (with few exceptions) about love, charity, and mercy.  I should not judge her until I read the books myself. However, she has to stand in line for I have plenty to read ahead of her.

Last weekend was our anniversary (31 January). I had a surprise weekend to Flagstaff, but it was canceled as Someone wanted to usher the Super Bowl events. He came home late last night from ushering the Tonight Show.  We go this weekend rather.

We don’t have a winter holiday this month – first time in decades. In compensation I am taking all Fridays off after noon time.  I plan on tackling some at-home chores such as taxes and browbeat Someone into finally putting out a budget. How is it I make a good salary yet we seem to have any spare pennies?  I also plan to use these freed-up Fridays to clean out the closets. I am looking forward to this: I like a sense of accomplishment and tidy up.

I don’t anticipate anything exciting until Flagstaff Friday.  In the lull I hope for inspiration for a fabulous entry. Blogday is coming up -tt would be nice for The Muses, The Graces, et. al. to give me something fitting and recondite upon which to write.  I’m told neither The Norns nor the Skanks saw their shadows this morning either*. I don’t know what that means but I hope for the best.



*The Norns avoid sunshine and The Skanks are terribly hung over from last night’s revelries.

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