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This is not a nice entry; people who take umbrage when their ignorance is challenged may want to come back later in the week.




Sometimes – or perhaps more often now than not – I wonder if the country has gone barking mad. It seems everyday some GOP politician comes out with an outrageous statement that makes me question their sanity rather than their credentials. The cynic and/or the optimist in me wonders if they actually don’t believe the rubbish the spew, but they are doing so merely to suck up to some conservative group they feel holds the key to power.*

Regardless of motive, I’ve heard recently:

Vaccines cause mental illness.

The measles outbreak in CA is due to unvaccinated illegal aliens (code: the dastardly Mexicans).  

Employees shouldn’t be forced to wash their hands.

Adding to the list of gay marriage evils is it hurts the economy.

There is no such thing as climate change.

Gay Starbucks workers put seminal fluid in the coffee.

I should not be so naif but I am flabbergasted how anyone with an ounce of good sense can believe any of this dreck. If there is doubt or confusion, then we should consult the appropriate experts, scientists, or physicians, and not the celebrities and politicians pandering for votes and church donations.

I suppose the politicians who make these statements are doing so on the awful realization if you say a lie long and loud enough people will start to believe it.  Alas, it’s still true you can fool too many people too much of the time. The type of snake oil medicine changes, but not the charlatan.

I am waiting for the GOP to go as far as possible in their “can you top this” game by saying something so outrageous it backfires. Alas, I would have thought any of the mentioned examples would have been sufficient. With the GOP in charge I’m sure to hear no end of dross. I think I should phone Cruz or the NOM and remind them the Ancient Greeks were certain sodomy causes earthquakes. They may find this useful to tell as many people as they can on Fox News.


* I imagine a small indurate group of Midwest born-again type elders who haven’t any education.

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