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It’s been a very busy work week – doleful too for there’s been a few deaths. The live patients aren’t doing too well either; many of them are coming in with problems ponderous to make my eyes cross. On top of it, there seems to be an avalanche of ‘prior authorization forms’ – not just on new medications but on old ones too. Nothing raises my blood pressure like an insurance form that demands justification why I prescribe Joe Schmo his zoloft.  I fill many pages to tell a rather simple story: he’s been stable on zoloft for seven years you idiots, that’s why.

Interesting: The Other Doctor believes the increase in paperwork from private insurance is the result of Obamacare. I think this is nonsense. I have the opposite hypothesis: insurance companies want us to believe this is due to Obamacare so we will be more likely to reject it. Occam’s razor states the more likely and prosaic explanation is insurance companies do this because they can  – and it keeps their bean counters employed.

I apologize to my fellow bloggers I’ve had no time this week to ‘drop by’ and read their entries. I hope to catch up this weekend. I am going to Flagstaff with the indolent agenda to do nothing. The boniface at the B&B promises to have a few good whiskies available (Japanese) and a roaring fireplace just perfect for reflection and burning BC/BS forms.  Lovely lovely lovely.

Every year for Christmas Brother #3 makes us all a calendar full of informative Spo-bits such as when are birthdays, the anniversaries, The University of Michigan football games (home and away), and which days in summer are designated “Small Chocolate Cone” days. Friday 6 February is the birthday of Deacon William Spo (b. 1590) who emigrated to Massachusetts in 1630. I am generation #12 descended from him. I am grateful he bothered emigrating to New England, although I suspect he didn’t go desiring adventure but he was one of those mardy Puritans who left England because he couldn’t get his religious way.  If he had stayed I would be living in Fitzhead England using expressions like “Sooner I’d eat rats at Baltimore”.  Tomorrow night in Flagstaff I will have a glass of wine in his honor and wish great x 11 grandfather a happy birthday.

See you soon.

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