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Hey! It’s blog-day!

Spo-Reflections is nine years old !

I continue to be amazed Spo-Reflections endures. This is not because I am indifferent to blogging. Quite the contrary! I still find it delightful to write out my thoughts and share them with others. What amazes me there are still ideas on which to write. I am still astounded there are people who bother to read it. I am most grateful for those who do, whether regular Spo-fans or those once in a while drop-in types. I hope you still find it informative or at least entertaining.

Every year on blog-day (8 February) I reread last year’s blog day entry to see what I said (more or less the same things really) and to remember who left a comment last time. There are always a few ‘no longer with me’, which I find sad. What gladdens me is to see some are ‘still here after a year’.

In honor of the day The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections sent a basket of imperial tidbits composed of tinned fish and crackers, although someone ate the chocolate covered almonds.

The Muses sent a book:  “Lots of Plots”

The Fates sent a cryptic birthday card with the words ‘You’ll see !”

The Norns sent a text message. I didn’t know they could do that.

The Graces?  A small chocolate cone.

The Skanks sent a 10$ Walmart gift card.  (The dears!)


Thank you all. I love you like my luggage. 🙂

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