First of all I want to thank everyone who wrote blog-day salutations and well wishes.  I am most grateful. ooxx




So what’s the word on this first day of blog year number #9?  The literal word (apropos for the day) is ennead, which is a group of nine Egyptian gods or a group of nine objects. Try it the next time you go bowling – “I am playing ennead pins”. *

Valentine’s Day is coming up. This holiday isn’t as irksome or depressing for my patients compared to Christmas or Thanksgiving. Most remonstrators are male who feel hornswoggled into getting something for their signifiant other (female) and if they don’t get a proper gift there will be hell to pay.

This week I will hear a surge of sexual complaints viz. people are not getting enough of it. When is comes to sexuality, having a disinterest in sex or having a spouse lacking interest is the number one complaint. Both sexes have insecurities about their bodies; they find themselves too fat, unattractive, or too poor to feel attractive.**  Men in general are insecure about their penises are not hard or long enough. Gay men seem even more vexed about size, for they more often compare themselves to the fellows on-line who are bold (and big enough) to post nude photos. If an alien were to visit and know us only by what they found on the internet they would come to the conclusion the average penis length is ten inches.

In conclusion, it is not disinterest or lack or time or fatigue that kills our sex lives, it is our insecurities about ourselves and our bodies.

My advice this week to patients – and to Spo-fans – is to forgo the shlocky valentine gifts and chocolates and get laid. ***  It would do a lot of good.





* The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections voted 6-1 this is awful advice. They’ve asked me to tell Spo-fans ‘Please don’t to write in” on it.

** Really, it’s true.  Our culture equivocates money with sex appeal. You can be as ugly as a troll but if you have money you feel very attractive. In contrast you can be drop-dead gorgeous but if you are unemployed or poor you feel quite unappealing.

*** OK, some chocolate is cool – and a lot of it if you can’t get anything else this weekend.