* That’s German for at the time of going to sleep.

This will be a short one for I am falling asleep as I type. Overall I am very good at doing things in my sleep.  It’s residency that does it; you are up for days without shut-eye but you learn to get things done. By the time you wobble home in a parasomnia state you can’t imagine how on earth you managed.

Every 2PM or so I go into a dwam; my cortex shuts down with the exception of the parts which control the hands for typing.  The mid-brain is left to run on autopilot. This technique works better for return patients; new patients are understandably puzzled and annoyed seeing Urs Truly struggling to stay awake while they tell me their miseries.

Our 21st century desire to do as much as possible in a 24 hour period often does so at the expense of proper sleep. Alas, this is folly. The consequences of sleep deprivation grow legion. It seems every new edition of Annals of Psychiatry announces something new and awful correlated with too little sleep.  When I went to medical school the worst that happened for a 5 hours sleep was bags under the eyes. Nowadays if you miss sleep you are at risk for obesity, accidents, cancer, and premature death.  Jolly.

With that in mind I should go to sleep. Oh! There a dozen of things I wish I could do but my eyelids won’t have it.  It all has to wait for tomorrow.

Good night blog land and pleasant dreams.