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Man-with-bad-back-300x237I have hurt my back – again. It is the same old story: I was at the gym attempting a deadlift and lo! there was a sudden tightening in the right erector spinae which not only canceled the show but heralded another week of intense soreness. The Personal Trainer thinks the cause of frequent lumbago is poor technique combined with not enough rest between sets. I have a terrible intuition the real explanation is I am no The Mighty Hercules or Antaeus but a 52yo old man who shouldn’t be lifting heavy things off the floor anymore.  Whatever the cause I am ensconced in a chair, popping Motrin and asphyxiating on the Ben-Gay fumes. This time it was a doozy; I should be out of commission for a few days at least.

Having to sit still and not jump about is a challenge but it gives me the opportunity to read. It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good; a bad back is a good-enough excuse to avoid certain house projects for a while. I can tidy up the laptop and catch up on blogs. I can justify this evening’s snort of scotch as a most efficacious tonic for muscle relaxation.*

I’ve started sneezing which portends the start of the allergy season. Poor Someone worked hard last week draining the pool to replenish it with fresh water. For a day it looked limpid but now it has a thin film of mesquite pollen floating on it. This nettlesome material will get up my nose now for some months. So, I have the misfortune of a sore back and a stuffed nose.   I would go sit in the hot tub, but this exposes me to more pollen. I just can’t win.

Someone is ushering again today and he won’t be home until after 9PM. I am left to fend for my own for supper. I’m too decrepit to cook so I may order something for pick up. Pei Wei sounds lovely although it means getting in and out of the car.  But it will be comfort food.  Yes, this sounds a good idea. Kung Pao Chicken with extra veggies and Motrin.   🙂



*There is a double blind study in JAMA that compares placebo to Cutty Sark with the latter beating the former by 15%. Do not dare to question this.

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