I learned this morning via text message and later through the network of blogging network the sad and awful news Cajun has died.  I am touched by the eulogies I am reading at various sites.  I too am honored to have met him and that he was part of my life. At times like this I reach for words of comfort or consolation, but I come up with only lame and useless ones.

My eulogy is the following:

I made him a shirt; it comforted me knowing he had this and he would think of me whenever he wore it. Two years ago, when we met at his restaurant at the first blog convention, I knew I wanted a souvenir of him. Perhaps in hindsight I had the terrible intuition our friendship time would not be long.  The bus boys and wait-staff   wore brightly coloured aloha-style work shirts – just the sort I relish.  He sent me one.  It hangs among my collection.

It is said we die twice: the first is when we literally die; the second is when we are forgotten. So long as I have the “Cajun Shirt”, I will be reminded of him. I am so grateful he allowed me into his life.

And I am most thankful to have this relic.

Rest in Peace, Wayne.  Thank you for everything you gave me.