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I had a lively stichomythia on Facebook today on the topic whether or not this is The Year of the Sheep of the Year of the Goat. There is a difference of opinion, depending upon what country is calling the shots. This is not straw-splitting but very important,  for the animal portends the year’s temperament.  Sheep are rather passive creatures that are associated with being readily ordered about.  Goats (on the other hand) kick butt.

I’ve never owned a goat but I have always been fond of them, having first heard about goats in the A.A. Milne poem “Four Friends”. *  As a boy I thought goats looked and sounded rather comic.  I have a vague memory of a W.C. Fields movie, in which Mr. Fields retires for the night, thinking he is bedding down with Mae West (of all persons!), only to discover a nanny-goat therein.”Yow! (he exclaims It’s Beelzebub!”  I had to ask Mother who was Beelzebub.  The answer was unsettling; up until then I thought goats benign and certainly not some sort of Satan’s sleigh ride. Mind! They are a little unsettling to look at face-on. It’s their pupils that’s does it I suppose.

Goats have a reputation of being stubborn ** and they have ferocious appetites. I read you can rent a herd of the curious critters to clear out the lawn of weeds and grass; they work faster (and greener) than a herd of weed-whackers.  Cool.

When I was six-year-0ld I figured there had to be some sort of cosmic inter-species connection to explain the fact goats have kids and people do as well. ***

My vote and verdict: This is the Year of the Goat.

Besides, they make lovely cheeses.



*Indeed, whenever I should obtain a billy-goat his name will be George.

** as in “Stubborn as….”

*** My third grade teacher despised the term.. She thought it demeaned us to address us as kids. We rather liked it.

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