It’s another “I made a shirt and I am showing it off’ entry….

Although this time I made two of them more of less at the same time.
The first is an ersatz tarot card fabric. I made it for a friend who is coming to town this week:


I hope he likes it. The ‘purist’ in me finds the pseudo-cards not to my taste.


I realize I’ve been making a lot of shirts for others. The ratio of gift-shirts to “keepers” is predominately the former. So I made this gecko shirt for myself:


It is how I like them: bright, colourful, and bold – like my men.


Now – I must finish the ‘orange’ shirt for Sandy G. in faraway Australia, the rusty/red for Raven (the dear!), and two little fairy shirts for my nieces Princess-Goddess and Warrior-Queen who come a-visiting in April.