Walking the dog

It is Bach’s birthday today so I listened to a few of his cantatas. “Widerstehe doch der Sunde” is my favorite and for fun I listened to “The Coffee Cantata” and had a cuppa with it. As a consequence I became shaky and restless. The Solution?: Go for a dog walk. Harper is always grateful for that.

Widerstehe doch die Hunde.

The veterinarian told Someone Harper she must lose 2-4lb so dog-walks are paramount. *  More walks please and make them longer and more frequent.  Walking the dog is more pleasant what with the sun coming up early enough to make the morning strolls not entirely in the dark. It’s warmer too; sweatpants and shirts are no longer required.  All too soon it will be bright even as we wake and too hot to go out after twilight.

Harper tends to ‘lead the way’ these days for I let her direct which way to go, which is usually always towards the park. Sometimes I  take lead and take her in the opposite direction.  This often evokes a forceful tug at crucial corners to go back home, as if she decided if it isn’t my way then screw you we are going home. Bitch.

I have some new bells and whistles on my iPhone 6+ which tell me how many steps I take, how many ‘stairs’ I have climbed, and a lovely emergency button to press if I develop apoplexy and somebody needs to know my medical history.  There is also a bossy-boots who informs me I’ve paused and how about getting going. This is annoying to say the least, especially with a pooch who walks rubato not andante.  I should leave the dang phone at home I suppose. More embarrassing than dropping dead and having my phone reveal my medical matters are the text messages and visited websites done along the walk.

* Someone was told to lay off giving her treats from the dinner table. And I don’t mean Someone.