Easter is supposed to be associated with spring but it is already 90 degrees and feeling like summer. This year Easter is a pretty lackluster event. We are both watching our waists so there is no chocolate or candy or ersatz marshmallow sponge-like objects bedecked in fluorescent colours.

On the other hand we have some new and special libations to make us hippity-hop. The Friend (visiting us for the weekend) recently traveled to South America, where he tried something called pisco. Tonight we are having pisco sours. I found a bottle of scotch I’ve long time fancied “Cu Bocan”. A snort of this beats chocolate rabbits by a country mile.

Someone got the taxes out to good Mr. Dunn who has been doing my taxes since 1989. Can you imagine?  Outside of family he is the longest relationship I have.

I’ve learned a few words I think lovely; I pass them onto you. Try using them sometime in an e-mail:

“Cellfish” – the act of using your iPhone during a meal or conversation with others.

“Fractious” – irritable and quarrelsome

“Doppelbanger” – having sex with someone like you in size/shape etc.

“Osculum” – a small mouthlike aperture that emits water such as a sponge. I recently heard it in context describing some fractious GOP-types remonstrating about Indiana etc.

“Kenopsia”– the eeriness of a place left behind. That bittersweet feeling being in an empty house just as you move away/close the door for the last time, or when visiting an old haunt like a schoolroom from your youth.

“Mountweazel” – a fake person, ghost word, or entry.