So! I completed my weekend homework about an hour ago which means there isn’t any to do tomorrow. I will have a work-less day, the first one in over a fortnight. Certainly there is “work to be done” around the house. All the same, I just might not do anything at all (if that is possible). I will ensconce myself in a chair and (in the infamous words of Patsy Stone) announce “I’m not moving”.

I wonder if the gods are trying to tell me something about my blog to wit it’s time to take a break. I haven’t had any time to write anything decent; I haven’t a good idea in my head. I look around my life and there isn’t anything memorial upon which to compose. I lead a dull life. Perhaps the gods have dried me and kept me busy as a sign I should give it a rest. Sometimes writer’s block is a mercy.

It’s very quiet here. Someone is away again ushering some awful concert where the ushers are few and the patrons temulant and truculent. I’ve turned off the music. The windows are open; I hear the sonorous clanging of metal chimes .It is looking to rain soon. The light is fading; the dark of the house matches the serenity of the silence. This is the most at-peace I have experienced in a fortnight. I forget from time to time the preciousness of being still, both in action and in thought. Lovely.

Things need a shake-up. I want to better manage my time and energy for I have the sensation things must be improved ‘or else’. What ‘or else’ means I am not certain but I doubt it is good. I think I will sit down tomorrow with pencil and paper and get things down in order to clarify what I am not doing. My life lacks direction. I also wish to sit down with Someone and discuss Life, The Universe, and Everything. There is a gallimaufry of goals to go over, from when are we going to clean out the closet in the blue room to goals more lofty such as retirement (if possible).

That felt good to get out into words and onto WordPress.

It’s about 7PM. Harper her Highness won’t want a walk as it is beginning to sprinkle and she hates the rain. I think I will read blogs and find out what exciting things are happening in that world. Later I may have a snort. I can’t think of the whisky/bourbon equivalent to Wayne’s “I smell olives”, so perhaps tomorrow when I organize the world I will start with that simple but essential to-do.