I had difficulties dictating notes this evening for Dragon and/or Windows became erratic. My sentences kept jumping around the page inserting words here and there to create world salad. I took this as a sign from the gods I should stop trying to do anymore paperwork this evening. I have transferred to the Mac laptop which all in all is a more user-friendly device.

353556_origThere is a breeze blowing this evening which is unusual for Phoenix. Normally there is no wind at all. As I sit in the bedroom I hear a windy concerto consisting of the clacketyclack of wooden chimes. These are in counterpoint with the low metallic dong dong dong emanating from the stainless steel set. The susurrant fronds of the palm trees serve as ostinato.  It is all rather soothing. *

Last week I moved the metal wind chimes closer to the window and I can hear them much better than where they were. Soon it will be too hot to have open windows and with the AC running I won’t be able to hear them. I listen while the weather permits.

I remember exactly where they were purchased: in the mid-90s in Wisconsin on holiday with The Best Friend. Despite continuous exposure to the elements they keep on chiming. They are “bass” chimes so the tones are deep and sonorous.

During the monsoon they can be loud and agitating to the point I have to take them down. The clanging is irksome.

I am not certain why the winds are up this evening. There isn’t a cloud in the sky and there is no rain in the forecast. I shan’t look a gift horse in the mouth however. As I sit here in my lounge chair a peace is coming over me, the type that only wind power can create. It’s only 830PM but I may go to bed now. There is nothing quite as lovely as a chiming lullaby.

*I hear Someone listening to the TV in the west wing of the house. The TV and the chimes make quite a contrast. I don’t know what he is watching but it sounds like one of history’s more bloody battles.