Here are some Spo-bits of little importance but perhaps of some interest.


The sewing machine has returned from the repair shop, which allows me to get going on some long-delayed projects. I finally finished this groovy style creamsicle shirt for Sandy who lives in faraway Australia. Perhaps in gratitude he can send me some sort of Aussie imperial tid-bits to try. I have never had vegemite.

Last weekend Someone discovered we have a cactus growing on our roof. It is of the genus opuntia (prickly pear). How it got there is a mystery and how we failed to notice it is another. He climbed onto the roof and extracted it (no small feat). The handling and transportation of cacti is a ticklish endeavor for they are covered in needles both sharp and irritating. No gloves are impervious to them.  We managed to get it transported into a poolside pot but not before us suffering terrible pokes. Ironically the tiny needles are worse than the biggens, for they latch onto the skin and become ensconced like nobody’s business.  My hands still itch from the pricks.


Last weekend I saw the new Avengers movie and I am happy to report I did not throw up. Spo-fans may remember I get motion sickness watching quick movements and scene changes on wide screens. There are only seven basic stories.* Marvel Comics follow the first universal story: “Slaying the Monster”. Usually this story starts with one or a few people realizing there is a monster out and about. In the second part of Slaying the Monster thems who know try to convince the others there is a monster loose. This is unsuccessful until phase #3 of the narration occurs when the monster is out and obvious. The Avenger movie was intriguing that it skipped parts #1 and #2 and got right to the battle. The movie presumes the viewer already knows the drama personae and let’s not waste time but get right to the fighting of the monster.**  Afterward the movie we went home to find the cactus on the roof. As far at that story went it followed “Slaying the monster” beautifully. I just hope there is no sequel.


* Details are provided upon request for those curious on the topic.

** Did I ever tell you I have been told on more than one occasion I resemble Robert Downy Jr.?