June will soon be busting out all over but my trousers are already. I have been slack in my habits to wit not watching what I eat and how much and getting enough exercise to create a calorie deficit. I’ve decided June will be an austere month; it might as well be Lent.  \My main trouble (besides lack of consistency and willpower) is there are always “too many exceptions”.  I allow my guard to drop as it is Friday, or we have a guest, or Someone isn’t eating his fries (when I ordered salad) so I will eat them lest they be wasted.

I pledge therefore to take it day one at a time and vigilantly watch what goes into my mouth.  “This is not an exception” is  my motto for the month of June.  I suspect by June’s end I can askew enough nickel and dime-laden caloric imperial tid-bits to have shed a few pounds around the abdomen.  My incentives are vain: There is a high school reunion at the end of the month and I want to be in shape.  In July we travel to Ottawa (Land of 30ft Spiders); I don’t want to shock the natives.

I suspect the intervention most efficacious for belly-fat burning is portion control. * I like to think all I need is some willpower and common sense approaches and I will do fine enough.

I don’t think I will write about it much. This decision deprives me of support from the cheerleaders , but it can be rather dull hearing a person’s struggle on the scale.

* Booze has a lot of calories, so out it goes for a while. That includes nasty chips, which are on the verboten list again.