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Prelude: The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections sent me an admonition telling me not to agitate the readers with aggrandizing details of my aches and pains. I am told to clarify and assure the numbness and tingling of my R foot and leg are dissipating on their own and I am not dying. I thank all for their concerns and comments.

Harper’s birthday is coming up and I forget how old she is but she’s well into ‘middle age’ for a dog. It is hard to imagine this rather demanding dog was once upon a time quite timorous. Her myriad wants start as early as 5AM with whimpers and nudges to wake up and take me out for a walk. Now she even has the impudence to turn around if she doesn’t like the path. If I fancy during the day to lie down for a nap she is usually there spread out and quite obstinate to move over. Harper Hound is often out of sight for hours only to suddenly appear out of thin air as it were whenever there is kitchen action. If her happy wag-the-tail approach doesn’t work to obtain something from the table, the doleful eyes do. They are her most barbarous weapon.  I’ve connected the dots she is not  so happy to see me per when I come home after work but I am the means to the meaty-treat snacks. Once a night or so she wakes me up to go outside often just to stare at the moon.

I read on line eons ago her ancestors were mighty wolves running free – until they discovered we possess couches.

Owning and loving a dog reminds me of the line from “Moonstruck”  when Olympia D. tells Cher she is relieved to hear Cher doesn’t love the man she is about to marry:

“ Good. When you love them, they drive you crazy, because they know they can.”

Indeed so.  She is a loving pooch and we are so fortunate to have each other. Struggles over bed space or wake up times in seem small prices to pay for the joy given in return.  Dogs give everything and charge it by taking it back. What a bargain.


Put your shoes on it’s walk time you are making me wait. 


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