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It’s 10PM; I am quite tired. Despite the time I feel pressured to post something. Not that I have anything profound or erudite or witty to pass along, it is more a sense of obligation. Here are some random thoughts…..

Monday and Tuesday were long draining days and Wednesday looks no lighter. There is lots of extra work for I am slowly converting charts from the old coding system to the new one. This tedious task has to be done by hand and by Urs Truly. I connected the dots early what needs to be done but the others have not. The other employees find out this Friday at a training and I don’t recommend you going. The remonstrance at the realization what each person needs to do will resemble an orchestra of scorched cats.  I suppose there is a grim satisfaction I’ve already started.


It’s hot, with temperatures as shown: it’s after 10PM and it is still nearly100 degrees.  The arrival of temperatures over 100 are met with bewildering surprise. As this happens every year around this time people should be used to it and not at all shocked.


Speaking of shock at the obvious I was amazed/not amazed to hear Mr. Trump is going to run for president. It reminds me of the line from “Moonstruck” when Cher announces she is getting married and her father replies “You did that once before and it didn’t work out’.  Apparently Mr. Trump has filed bankruptcy five times in life . This doesn’t sound trustworthy for somebody wanting to run the country.

All the same, I  believe Mr. Trump will bring some much needed dignity, wisdom, and gravitas that is so far lacking in the callithump of conservatives.  Santorum and Cruz and Jeb! (don’t call me Bush) must be shaking in their boots at the competition.

Were that Sarah Palin joined the coterie. Jolly good fun.

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