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It’s rawther hot even by AZ standards, with the high temperatures readily hitting 110 or the above. My car thermometer registered 113 degrees today in the shade. Harper is disappointed there are no after-dinner dog-walks but how to explain to a pooch it’s 105 and the pavement is hotter?  I encounter less traffic going to and from work. Do I dare presume people have some common sense and are staying indoors away from the sun? On the positive side no one expects me to dress up for work; I can show up in my loudest Spo-shirts without talk.

The roads may be empty but the clinic is full. The tedious conversion from ICD-9 to ICD-10 is happening at a fateful time when there are more and more telephone calls and after hour chores . I’ve spent my evenings working, which (as you know)  leaves me no time to read blogs. I hope everyone is well enough. I will catch up this weekend. I trust everyone is staying cool.

Work and heat are not very interesting blog-fodder I admit but at the moment that is all I have.  I could share the surfeit of fustian words I am trying to incorporate into my lexicon, but that could be more dull than looking at another’s vacation photos.

I could make up something salacious and scandalous but that would be indiscrete and I am too tired at the moment to be the raunchy raconteur.

I will just have to hope the Muses come back soon from wherever they are hiding from this torrid heat and give me something.  Yellow gumdrops keep coming up but in the blazing sun they melt too quick before I can make them into a narrative.

P.S. The Skanks just popped an idea into my head about comfort food, the types one (meaning Urs Truly) eats when you (me) isn’t ‘getting any’.  This sounds maudlin but geggars can’t be choosers. See you this weekend with a bag of chips and onion dip.

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