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It is very late and I am very tired from a long work day. I suppose if I was more rested this entry would be well written or longer in length. But I have been waiting what seems a very long while to write this and tonight I can. I didn’t want to wait..


Today I got back the shirt I made for the late Wayne Cajun. I am greatly indebted to Ron T. (the dear!) who made the phone calls to save it before it was hauled away. Later he retrieved it and popped it in the post.  The package greeted me when I got home this evening.

I suppose I was being selfish, but when I heard of his passing I realized I wanted his shirt. There are a few shirts I’ve made for people who have disappeared and never to be seen again, but this was the first time a Spo-shirt recipient has died. I couldn’t abide the thought the shirt was going to Goodwill along with his clothes without sentiment where it would cease to be a treasure. I began to feel Wayne would similarly disappear if I did not get back this gift.

It is said we die twice: the first time is our physical death and the second time is when no one alive remembers us. So long as I have this shirt to remind me of him, Wayne will live on in my mind and memory. Perhaps I won’t wear it, but have it hang in my closet as as sort of ‘retired’ garment.

I am very glad to have known Wayne and to have made him a shirt. I am grateful to have it back. I smell olives.

Butterfly Cajun

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