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I wrote this earlier today during my three hour flight to Detroit. I had second thoughts to post it when i landed, but I decided to do so anyway.  Urspo

I was in line to go through the TSA at the Phoenix airport when I heard the news. CNN sent me via iPhone the bulletin SCOTUS passed same-sex marriage. No one around me in the long line seemed to know this, although many were looking at their phones. No one shouted out in jubilance or in disgust. It seemed I had received a private theophany not to be disclosed to anyone else. I wanted to say something to someone, perhaps hug someone but there was no one. Finally, after the usual ordeal to get through security, I was able to go on line to confirm this stunning herald. FB pals were awash in flags and celebratory congratulations. Some seemed to be weeping with joy. Several Michiganders wrote ‘Finally we are married”. Two couples seemed to propose to each other. It was true after all. Amazing.  We’ve been on tenterhooks for what seems for years waiting for this announcement. I am so happy for the many men and women who were trapped in nasty states (mostly in the Midwest).

I’ve often wondered ‘where I would be” when the event occurred. Fascinating for me is the realization I will be with family and a high school reunion. Neither is a gay event. Someone is in Arizona; I am in Michigan.  It is arguably the greatest gay-day in the USA and I am no where near the party.

There seems to have sort significance to this but I can’t quite make out what it is. Perhaps it means nothing other than I am ironically somewhere where “The Day” has no relevance good or bad. Yet, there is a sense of separateness and missing being part of something.  Fate has me apart and away – again.

I wrote this sitting in the middle aisle of a plane trip. The people around me look no different for today’s news. When I land Father will pick me up and on the way home we will delight in talking about all sorts of things but nothing with a rainbow attached to it. This weekend is about the past while the gay community looks to the future.  It makes me think.

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