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Many Spo-fans have asked ‘How went the high school reunion?”  In brief – very well. I will write about that anon.  What I will say now is both my parents insisted on driving me down to the reunion in downtown Detroit (‘Oh you will just get lost if you drive yourself”). Picture it: a hopping hip joint with a line of 20-30 year olds waiting to get in and Ur Truly waiting for his parents to pick me up. I felt underaged to drive and seventy years old.

Today is Father’s birthday of which he isn’t too pleased. Several brothers with their families (if not all of them) will descend en masse in about an hour for a structureless birthday bash. We were supposed to go boating but it is too cool and damp to do so. Rather we will bounce off of each other (as is our wont) for a few hours doing relatively nothing other than talk talk talk.

I asked him what does he want to do on this feast day of his nativity. His response: “Oh I just want to have the pleasure of everyone’s company.” Well, if he prefers food and family over things of real value, so be in. Whatever floats your goat.

For breakfast Father made a large pot of Dunkin Donuts coffee (his favorite); I am having a pot of Constant Comment Tea (the official ‘tea’ of the House of Spo). I suspect both of them shouldn’t be consuming sweets but the breakfast spread is piled up with coffee cakes. Questions about their health and do they have a list of Rx/allergies handy (with hints of diet concerns) were paid no attention. My parents are too polite to say ‘flake off”.


I didn’t pack shampoo or shaving cream thinking there must be some but alas there is none in the guest bathroom. The available toiletries show subtle signs of six year olds. I have experienced my first “Hello, Kitty!” product. The shampoo smells like a flamingo was sick. I feel sorry for my airplane row when I fly home this evening, for I smell like bubble gum. It was either this or some brat named Dora. I can only imagine what she smells like.

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