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I asked Someone if he would marry me. He said yes.

I’ve often wondered about the details of the event. My fantasies over the years have ranged from hiring a ensemble to suddenly show in a public area singing one of Broadway’s more lavish tunes, to a prosaic matter-of-fact inquiry inserted over supper, something said between do you want my dinner roll and what shall we do this weekend. It was more the latter. My modest proposal happened on the drive home from the airport. We were discussing this and that. Then, with a pregnant pause, I calmly said (trying to keep a steady voice) I would be honored so if he would marry me. He said ye and he didn’t laugh or go into hysterics. Mercifully there was no car accident.
It was last week’s SCOTUS decision which set the years of inaction into motion. I’ve long fancied a wedding in Michigan so my many relations might attend, but until last week my home state was as unwelcome as Russia or Texas. Throughout the weekend my relations – even my high school classmates! – asked ‘So when are you two going to get married?” My brothers were the most ardent although I think they were more along the jocular “Hey we did it it’s not fair you haven’t put your head in the noose”. It was time to man up and make my mate an honest woman, as it were.

I’ve had a longtime intuition it was my job to propose to him and he’s been stomping last season’s Pradas for sometime.  (Editors note: Someone reminds me we’ve talked about this before and he proposed to me. This is not our first and only process on the matter!)

No, I don’t know when, or how, or who may be coming or (most important) where we will register. It may be some time before it’s all figured out. We need consultations with the accountant and tax man before the pastor and the caterer. I don’t think we will rush out anytime soon. We’ve been marching down the aisle for nearly twenty years and that’s a long walk but a few more steps won’t harm us.  I will keep you posted.

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