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First of all, thank you everybody for the kind and supportive words from yesterday.  It was greatly appreciated. Here’s a quick chin-wag until I can come up with something more witty, profound, erudite, or ribald.

It’s the end of June when I take inventory of how well the year is going and how well am I doing.  In matters of new year’s resolutions I have utterly  failed – I can’t even remember even what they were. I had to look them up.  It seems the height of stupidity to make a lists of things to do (Bucket and NYE resolutions) only to forget what they are. I am going to remedy this by printing them and putting them up in several prominent areas to remind me what the hell I am supposed to be striving for.

July looks to be hopping with many adventures and weekend outings.  I discovered yesterday the office is closed this Friday happy joyous news indeed.  7 July falls on a Tuesday this year, so I won’t be doing much other than a good meal at a restaurant (Indian, probably). For desert I get a tub of oh-so-disgusting onion dip and a big bag of oh-so-nasty chips – my once a year indulgence.

Someone reminded me our trip to Canada is quickly coming up and if I want to trot around Ottawa in my oh-so-subtle “Canadian Flag” shirt I better finish it toot suite.

At some point we go to Santa Fe or Utah.  At month’s end I go for a family reunion.

All Journeys start with a single step and my first is getting through this week.  The at-work chart conversion continues and shows no end in sight. I am temporarily off exercise thanks to a bad back.  I have a lot of blogs-catching up to do.

A few people at work asked what I was doing for the three day holiday. My reply?: “As little as possible”

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