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No-Prey-No-PayI haven’t written recently an entry in my series on Jungian psychology. This is mostly due to the fact no archetype has been foremost in my mind and libido (meaning psychic energy). However, The Pirate Complex has been popping up as of late. Whenever an archetype becomes more active in my life, it is worthwhile to stop for a moment and explore the synchronicity. There are lessons to be learned here.

The Pirate archetype has been a powerful archetype for centuries and doesn’t look to dissipate anytime soon. This is especially true for men. Pirate energy carries many psychological aspects that are particularly pleasing to people who feel life is an adventureless tale.

Pirate archetype contains the allure of dropping the yoke of custom and convention and living free, traveling where you will in search of adventure.

The goal is treasure, both symbolic and literal.

Pirates are lawless yet lawful and honorable to their own codes, which they make rather being told what to do. These rules are often far more democratic than the hierarchies from whence they came. In movies we cheer on Jack Sparrow et. al. even though we know they are crooks and robbers, for we admire (and envy) them sticking it to those in control.

While we all can’t drop our jobs and take to the sea it is good to be in touch with our inner Pirate. The Pirate Complex reminds us of two things:

1 – Always keep in our lives some adventure and risk. You can’t find treasure by staying home safe in harbor.

2 – Question authority, and whenever possible, defy thems in charge.

The flamboyant costumes, Cornish accents (before the great vowel shift), and all night rum parties are extra.

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