Rumor has it there are people who can put together a week’s worth of clothing and travel items in a flash a few hours before they leave for their flight. I am not one of them; I am a poor packer.  Although we leave Friday I am already beginning to pack. It takes me a few days to gather up the items I believe necessary and to figure out what ensembles are needed. Although I vow overtime to ‘pack light’ I still manage to create a trousseau worthy of a two week’s voyage on one of the more luxurious cruise lines.  Grandmother lived by the philosophy if she went somewhere and she realized something was behind she either a) lived without or b) bought a new one.  My inner boy scout finds this antithesis to ‘be prepared’.  I start making a list of ‘things that shan’t be missed’ days ahead of the departure. Throughout the week I will be minding my own business, when there is a sudden interjection into my thinking like the word ‘headphones’. I pull out my list and write that down. On the eve of the departure day I check off the list to ascertain nothing is left behind.  This gallimaufry ranges from vitals (tickets, money, passport, and backscratcher) to the frivolous (sudoku puzzles for the airplane and baby bottles of bourbon).

I also start packing clothes days in advance. This isn’t like the mentioned items, as it is jolly good fun. I’ve developed a tradition (or is it a superstition?) I must make a new shirt for each major holiday. As I am going to Canada, here’s the latest number:

Wearing it I hope to ‘blend in’ as a Newfoundlander and no one will suspect I am a Yankee tourist. A few Canadian FB friends are too polite to tell me directly I am living in a fool’s paradise but I rather like it.

The first round of packing always reveals either extreme: I have packed too much or too little.  I make adjustments. I know enough to ‘leave some room’ for I buy things when on holiday.

Some Spo-fans may be wondering if Someone is similar. No,  he is not. He packs while I am working so I never see how he manages it but he is expert at packing. He rivals Mary Poppins with her carpet bag when it comes to packing things, and he always packs the minimal. He tends to wear the same shirt several time (horror!)

Sometimes I can sweet talk him into packing my things for me and he manages every time (clever man!) to get whatever I laid out into the one suitcase.

This is the real secret to successful suitcase packing: get someone to do it for you.