Greetings from Ontario. We are in Niagara-on-the-Lake at our usual B&B. It is the start of our week-long holiday.

As I age and become wiser the more suspicious I become about speed. I’ve come to the conclusion speed is inimical to health and well-being. Throughout my work week I try to keep a speedy pace to keep all on time; I gobble lunch often in 15-20 minutes time periods often while working. Now I am on vacation; this evening we had a leisurely dinner followed by a evening void of texts, television or homework. Lovely.

Why is it whenever we are surrounded by ‘time saving devices’ we feel we haven’t any time but when we are deprived of said devices we suddenly find we have all the time in the world?

So much of my days are rushing around trying to stay on time and get things done and what has this accomplished really. Every year my birthday seems to come sooner than the last one. Enough already. It’s time to get in touch with my inner- tortoise. I need to chew slower and hustle less. The timers are turned off on the Suduku and puzzle games and I am looking to turn down off my own.

Tomorrow, other than needing to be on time for a matinee and a dinner reservation, I have no need to do or go anywhere. I can think of nothing more salubrious for health. Perhaps I will stroll around at a snail’s pace, looking into store fronts or at the passing tourists. Breakfast and lunch may linger for hours.  Even as I type this out I feel a dissipation of tensions. People may ask me later ‘what did you do on your vacation?”  Rather than being shocked or bewildered at the reply of ‘Oh, nothing really” they will be relieved.